Our goal is to sail in the sea of Italian food and wine tradition to reveal lost treasures made of
unusual flavours and combinations. Our lighthouses are the small producers of artisan delicacies,
people who know how to create good, healthy food and drinks of incredible quality in full
compliance with environment, seasons, and territories.
We aim to deliver unique tasty chests to the gourmets who are ready to set off on unforgettable
journeys on the wave of taste buds.

“Food Hunters”
If you love good food, are able to recognise high quality products and also love to collect scents
and flavours, you have the right attitude to be one of us. The Food Hunters will have the
chance to point out particular products discovered around Italy and they can suggest other thematic boxes, too.
They will have the chance to interact with a community of enthusiasts,

taking part in cooking challenges with mouth-watering duels.
The hunt for excellence is open!


Our story

Foodissey is a gourmet’s dream coming true.
A team of foodies has decided to plant the seed of a community through the sharing of love for
good, genuine, and high-quality food – an imaginary place containing lots of real destinations
inhabited by exclusive small producers.